Contributor Guidelines

Please review the following contributor guidelines to contributing to the Know Homo site.

Please note that I don’t respond to inquiries if they don’t meet these guidelines.


Know Homo is a brand new site experience that seeks to facilitate positive and playful messaging in support of queer identity in all its forms. Our focus is to talk about the ways we can cope with challenges, express our identities and develop success in our public and private selves whether in the mainstream or the margins. Criticism should be combined with constructive; the potent with the playful.

Content Guidelines

Please do not submit guest contributions that have been previously published elsewhere. You retain all rights to republish your content after it appears on the site (and please let me know if it appears anywhere else so we can shout you out extra!)

Guest contributions should be at least 500 words long. Please proofread for typos and grammar. If there are a lot of errors, your contribution will be sent back to you for revisions or I will reject the post.

Images are everything. If you have images available, please include them when you submit the proposal. Here are the requirements:

  • Each image should be at least 1000 pixels wide and 800 pixels tall.
  • Each image should in one of the following forms: JPG, PNG or GIF.
  • Each image must also have permission for use. If it is your own image, please acknowledge in the article submission along with preferred credit. If it is a this party source and a credit is required, that should also be included with your article submission. If you want to use images on the internet, including product images, please include that request that in your article submission.

Posts should be broken down with subheadings and/or lists

You may write on any topic relevant to queer identity, including politics, true stories, shopping, popular culture, community and more, except:

  • overtly sexual descriptive content
  • content which cannot be viewed by an audience under 18
  • content which contains slanderous, negative or inappropriate material as judged by the editorial team.

I do not accept guest posts provided by companies, marketing agencies, or SEO firms submitting articles on behalf of clients. Guest contributions must be submitted by an individual, and they must be attributed to the individual who pitches the post. I may accept guest contributions sponsored by third parties, such as companies/clients, but this information needs to be shared in the footer of the post.

I reserve the right to adjust the formatting to fit the site (such as using header tags, creating page breaks, galleries, etc.) and make any other edits as necessary (including removing in-content links that violate the site guidelines).

Linking Guidelines

No promotional links (contributor site, company site, or a third party client’s site) may be included in the article itself unless it directly relates to the relevant content, with a maximum of two (2) links per article.

Contributor promotional links should be limited to two (2), and they should appear only in the author bio and be directly related to the contributor. No affiliate linking is allowed.

All links in editorial submissions must be relevant to the website audience and the article content.

Bio Guidelines

Regular contributors will receive individual login and complete a profile.

Submitting contributors should include a short author bio of 2-4 sentences with article which may include:

  • Up to two relevant links (professional site, blog, etc.). These links may not be affiliate links.
  • A small author avatar. Headshot is preferable.
  • Include a list of social media links to promote your contribution. These will show up as social network icons below your avatar in the bio area. Available networks include Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. Add any or all of these or choose to leave them out.

Submission Guidelines

Full text of guest contributions must be included in your form submission. Questions should be sent here.

Please use the site’s contact form for article submissions. If you attempt to email questions or article submissions directly or via other channels, they won’t be filtered to the guest post review folder, and they will go ignored.

Please include the following information in submissions made through the site:

  • Requests for specific publishing date (this may or may not be available)
  • Author bio (guidelines above)
  • Author contact information
  • Image availability details (how many, what kind – we will contact you directly to access the images).

The team will not respond to inquiries that don’t meet these guidelines. So please review these carefully if you haven’t received a response.

Find Know Homo Submission Form here.